Online Learning Space for Guided Tutoring

Lukico is the only online learning space in Romania offering one-on-one tailored lessons for learners aged 5-14.

With Lukico, students learn through inquiry, develop their critical thinking skills and reinforce their self-expression.

Parents of Lukico students feel confident their child gets the progressive learning neccessary to move forward.

Experience Transformational Online Tutoring


Experienced and vetted international teachers

One-on-one lessons tailored to the exact needs of your child

Safe and comprehensive learning environment

Fully digital experience with real-time tutor guidance

Flexible roster planning according to your availability

On demand learner’s progress briefings

Purpose-driven learning

Reasons to Learn with Lukico

Unparalleled one-on-one structure

The best licenced teachers, from across the country or around the world

Your child learns at their own pace, guaranteed, with no peer pressure

Real time monitoring and guidance

Lukico Supports Learning

Core Curriculum

(Maths, Literature, Science)

Learning plans that accelerates acquiring new skills

English as a second language

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What they say about us:

  • "Lukico has provided the opportunity for my child to level up his confidence and trust in his judgement with immediate results", Father of 8 y/o

  • "Our child feels confident and motivated to learn more with Lukico. The teachers are professional, transparent and genuwinely glad to support our child." Parents of 6 y/o

  • "We could never forget the online Maths lessons, when Miss Raluca focused on the <hands-on> experience learning, challenging the children to create, draw, cut and colour to help them learn fractions", Mother of 9 y/o

  • "Miss Louise is the type of teacher and colleague who gives you all the tools to become a well rounded, independent person. Be it that you're her student or work partner", Anca - Teacher

  • "I strongly recommend Raluca as a teacher; she will always find the strong skills in your child and she will know how to cultivate them", Mother of 10 y/o

  • "Lukico is the most innovative Romanian teaching platform for children, covering a variety of subjects in English. It prepares the children for the future required (international) skills", Alexandra - Teacher

  • "Im there for their child every step of the way. We will lesan together and walk the journey side by side", Louise - Teacher

  • "My child is thrilled with every session. He would love to have lessons every day", Mother of 12 y/o