Through this program, your child will:
  • Become aware of his/her role and understand the importance of developing character traits for better leadership
  • Develop resilience and empower gratitude
  • Feel powerful, creative, unique and eager to take on tasks they previously perceived as difficult or even impossible
  • Understand timeframes and develop time management skills
  • Be able to measure themselves by progress and improvement even in the absence of immediate results
  • Learn how to negotiate
  • Take responsibility over his/her own thoughts, beliefs and actions
  • Feel more confident to structure and deliver a speech

Junior Leadership Online Camp

As children grow, they discover more about life around them, about themselves and other people within their community. They may be interested in extra challenges and taking on leadership roles.

In school they are typically given the opportunity to be line leaders, group leaders, sports captains or even take on leadership roles in activities outside of school.

Here, at Lukico, we believe it is part of our job, as educators and child care professionals to help in the development of leadership attributes, qualities and skills in children at an early age.

Thus, we designed Junior Leadership Online Camp

5-7 Years Old

13 Live Sessions

96 RON/child/session*

1 Session/Week, 45 minutes

8-11 Years Old

19 Live Sessions

120 RON/child/session*

1 Session/Week, 60 minutes

Junior Leadership Online Camp is designed to uncover and train your child's strengths to the extent that he or she will be able to turn his or her ideas into a successful project.

Since our world needs competent leaders, we will encourage and support your child to be the brilliant leader of tomorrow!

Your Leadership Coach, Miss Alexandra

Alexandra has always had an affinity with the world's most powerful educational systems. She believes that high quality education is the key to a better society.

Hence, her educational background emphasizes on International Business and Business Strategy studies in Germany and Denmark respectively. One of her leadership bachelor’s courses in Germany particularly trained her as a coach. Moreover, she built on her approach of making the curriculum alive for children through the Mantle of the Expert Training.

With a structured yet creative approach, she has been teaching Mathematics and English to children aged 3 to 12 years old from Romania and Greece for 2 years. She has been tutoring her students both offline and online in a one-on-one lesson design.

When a strong motivation exists (the WHY), no challenge is too hard in the process of learning. Thus, she facilitates learning through stories and analogies with topics that students are passionate about in order to maintain a high constant level of motivation and engagement. The logical sequence of the lessons (STRUCTURE) is also important in order for the student to build gradually on insightful arguments. Finally, the CREATIVITY of the instructor is of crucial importance to boost a student's imagination to the extent that he/she forgets about the time while being taught.

*Sessions can be attended and charged individually or as a full course program

Children can benefit from group sessions (2-3 children/group) or from private sessions (1:1) for self-leadership, at a different fee

5-7 Years Old

  • Group Fee (2-3 children in a group) - 120 RON/Child/Session

  • Pay as you go (private sessions paid individually) - 135 RON/Child/Session


Full Course Payment (or 2 instalments) for group sessions

96 RON/Child/Session

8-11 Years Old

  • Group Fee (2-3 children in a group) - 150 RON/Child/Session

  • Pay as you go (private sessions paid individually) - 170 RON/Child/Session


Full Course Payment (or 2 instalments) for group sessions

120 RON/Child/Session

10% discount can be applied for siblings (discounts are cumulative)