Zines are a great way to practice your imagination, but there’s more to that! They’ve become so popular that even Kanye West has one.

Zines are self made booklets, where you can cut and paste visual content, write text and draw. They are a great way to publish your own artistic expression (poems, writing, humour, mini-comics, fashion style, scientific fun facts, illustrations, short stories and so on). The possibilities are almost endless!

What does that have anything to do with learning, I hear you ask?

  • At the core of zine-making stands creativity, freedom of thought and a DIY attitude.

  • First of all, we all know that you can learn a lot through play and collaboration, and this is one of the main focus areas of this workshop.

  • Secondly, by the end of a zine creation process, you will know how to gather and synthesize information.

  • Our discussions will help you to think critically and ask the right questions, not to mention practice your English speaking skills.

  • You will have the opportunity to work in a team, where you will give and receive constructive feedback. All the good stuff.

How do we make a zine together if we work online? (Another good question!)

We will be gathering our work on an online platform; once your Zine is ready, you will have access to print it in how many copies you want (not too many, though, think about the trees). This way you will have a hands-on project to share with your friends, families, neighbours, teachers and pets.

Become a zine-maker today!