How it Works

Lukico is more than just another online tutoring platform. Here, at Lukico, we understand and play to our teachers’ strengths, in strict correlation with our learners’ needs.

First step is to match you with the right teacher.

Then, we build a customized digital classroom aiming to deliver meaningful education in private, live-streaming lessons.

Step 1

In order to register your child as a Lukico Learner, we will first require some additional information to be provided about your child, including but not resuming to:

  • Subjects that need to be covered

  • Grade/Class Level (for example: Year 3, Grade 5)

  • Remote learning experience to date

Step 2

To design a Personalized Learning Plan, we need to know what you and your child wish to aim by learning with Lukico. We put together some questions to guide you in the process.

Step 3

Book a live appointment with us! We would be delighted to discuss the Learning Plan created uniquely for your child.

Start your Lukico learning journey now!

Should you wish to fill in your application at your convenient time, please check these links. Alternatively, for a quick contact, please text us on Whatapp and we will make sure our consultants will facilitate the enrollment process


Once a Lukico Learner, your child will...

Get a tailored learning plan with clear, measurable objectives

Get a free demo lesson with your teacher, including guidance on how to use Lukico Digital Tools

Get a meaningful learning journey pack*, including access to our materials and resources

Get feedback after each lesson, highlighting accomplished objectives as well as areas of improvement

How do we connect your child with a Lukico Teacher?

Our staff analyzes the information received from families and their children

We then search our database of qualified teachers to find the best match for your learning needs

A trial virtual class is scheduled based on a mutually agreed upon time by the learner and teacher (free of charge)

If the learner finds the match unsuitable, another trial class will be arranged with another teacher (charged as per regular tuition fees)

Once the teacher-learner match is confirmed, the learner receives more details regarding the schedule and the set up of the virtual classes

*all live sessions are private unless otherwise agreed with the teacher