Lukico Policies

For Teachers


  • modelling and promoting a healthy behaviour to be followed;

  • provide a safe environment for our learners to thrive while prioritising their welfare.


  • treating all learners fairly and without prejudice or discrimination, respecting differences in gender, sexual orientation, culture, race, ethnicity, disability and religious beliefs;

  • encourage learners to speak out about attitudes and behaviour that makes them un/comfortable.


  • nurturing strong relationships based upon openness, honesty and trust.


  • value our learners' contribution, listen, and show respect at all times, while encouraging involvement into planning activities whenever it's possible.

For Learners

Success for Lukico Learning is dependent on your active participation and engagement throughout the learning process. As such, learners are required to complete all assignments by the due date and to actively participate in class discussions.

Learners' attendance in online sessions is defined as active participation, they are engaged in the learning process that includes:

  • contributing to online discussion or text chat session

  • submitting an assignment or working draft

  • working through exercises

  • taking a quiz or assessment

  • viewing and/or completing a tutorial

  • initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a course‐related question

Learners are expected to log in to each online session 5 minutes before each online session begins.

Full attendance is expected to complete the module/course. If a learner fails to meet the attendance requirements, he or she should contact the instructor one day in advance (rescheduling could be possible accordingly to our teachers' availability).

Assignments and Submission

Each course/module/activity has it's own procedures and expectations; therefore, please check with your teacher what the assignments and submission procedures are.

General Code of Conduct

Teachers are recommended to:

  • follow the Lukico Culture, Mission and Vision, as described on the Platform

  • act as a Lukico ambassador to support, promote and guide learners to best use the Lukico website

  • maintain professional confidentiality within and outside the lessons

  • manage all technical equipment with care and consideration

Learners are recommended to:

  • set aside an appropriate amount of time for online learning set by your teachers

  • find a quiet, organised space in your home where you can learn effectively

  • take responsibility for completing your work at your best standards

  • ask your teachers for clarifications whenever you need

  • respect and meet the deadlines set by your teachers

  • join the confirmed classes in time and inform your teacher and Lukico Coordinator as soon as possible if you cannot attend a class

  • use the website and all resources efficiently, following the instructions received

  • manifest a proactive and respectful behaviour towards all Lukico members (teachers, co-learners, other staff)

Families are recommended to:

  • ensure their children have a proper learning space available (a device connected to the Internet, a quiet space, etc.)

  • depending on the age of the children, monitor how much time their child is spending online before and after the live lesson

  • contact Lukico Coordinator for any clarifications needed​

  • check email regularly for correspondence and updates

  • encourage their children to express their feedback about their teachers, the lesson content and the overall experience with Lukico

What is not allowed

It is prohibited to share any contact information during the facilitation of the Learning Plan (contact information includes any details that can be used by teachers, learners or their families to get in touch outside of the platform, which includes but is not limited to: phone numbers, emails, skype names, the exact location where the lessons are conducted - house number, flat, street - nicknames on social media or other professional platforms).

It is prohibited to share recruitment advertisement and/or announcements searching for employees or employers.

Users profile will be blocked for violating any of the above.

Each complain about a certain user shall be investigated by Lukico Team and strict action will be imposed according to our policies.

Lukico reserves the sole right to assess, resolve and make decisions regarding the above-mentioned rule violations as well as other disputes involving users of the website or the Lukico name itself.