Data Protection Policy

Lukico applies the privacy policy for both teachers and learners, respectively their parents and legal guardians who benefit or provide services with us. This is to extend an understanding how we deal with their information. The individuals reserve all the rights not to join Lukico services in case of disagreement with the privacy policy; however by using our services and becoming a Lukico Learner or a Lukico Teacher, you are to abide the policy and terms and conditions.

Collected Information

The information forms submission, which are to be filled at the beginning of becoming a provider or a beneficiary of our services, goes to our data base. This information will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone outside our organization.

The next step of information gathering is to collect academic profile of the learner which is intended for categorization according to the discipline; this is to help us connecting the right people according to need and will remain privite for each learner, within our organization.

The information about professional and academic profile on behalf of the teachers: diplomas, certificates, Police records, etc in order to verify their credentials. All of these documents are the property of the teachers and will ONLY be used for the described purpose.

The information about learners' homework, videos, recordings, picture, drawing, , recordings, writings, essays collected within the digital classroom will be used by the learner and the teacher within the digital classroom exclusively, for educational purpose, to keep track of learners' progress.

Internal Communication

Internal communication among the teachers and learners is possible only during the live lessons, by chat and video streaming. Internal communication among teachers is accessible only if you have an internal email address (example: No teacher can directly contact the learner or their family to request the hiring of his or her services. If a teacher could not satisfy the learner in the trial lesson, he or she will lose access to the learner and will not be able to contact him or her to create any inconvenience.

Communication between teachers and learners is do be facilitated by a Lukico Coordinator.

For learners, respectively their families, the home assignments or academic requirements, teacher feedback, worksheets and lesson related materials will be found within the virtual classroom and will be managed internally.

User Identification

All learners will be issued a unique identification code (password, link or numeric code) to access their virtual classrooms. No contact details, including but not limited to phone numbers, addresses, emails, social media accounts are to be shared, nor used during the live sessions. Any sort of interaction outside Lukico is not the responsibility of our organization. Sharing direct contact information with the learners through internal communication system with an intention to bypass the service system will result into termination of the collaboration.

Teachers will be provided an email account syncronised with our internal communication system and this will be the only way to access the virtual classroom, respetively engage in the live lessons.

Finance related information

Lukico does not reveal any accounts information with anyone else; this information is kept confidential. This policy applies on all sort of accounts’ information including credit card detail and all associated information, such as name, bank name and address. In case of electronic transactions, the information is stored in the database and kept out of access for everyone except for the accounts team; however the data is not shared with other members under any circumstances. The credit card numbers are not stored in the system.

Age restriction

Learners aged 5 to 14 are restricted to request services directly with Lukico. If such things come into our knowledge, the entire information will be shared with the family of the child. The parents or legal guardian who may have provided us with information without your knowledge or consent may contact us to have this information removed. All virtual lessons or other contact between a Lukico staff member/ teacher and learners aged 5 to 14 are mandatory to take place ONLY in a supervised setting.

Legal obligations

Lukico will provide any sort of information, as stated above, ONLY in case of some kind of legal proceeding. The information may be shared with the authorities in case of the legal order from the competent authority. The subject matter solely depends upon the individual case, and may be decided on discretion of the management.

Changes in privacy policy

Lukico reserves the rights to change the privacy policy at any time without any notice. However teachers', learners' and families' feedback and suggestions are always welcomed. Please write to