Tailored Education

Simply providing learners with the latest digital equipment and then leaving them to their own devices is not the right way to deploy remote learning.

At Lukico, we believe that purpose-driven education requires joint planning, implementation and follow-through by teachers and families alike.

At Lukico, we lay out the lesson in such a way that we ensure students will be able to follow along and meet their learning objectives successfully.

Moreover, the entire Lukico Learning Journey is structured to meet the individual needs of learners, taking into consideration lessons duration, difficulty level as well as frequency.

The Lukico Lesson, at its core, is a 1:1 live streaming interaction with access to our interactive digital whiteboard.

During the lesson, both the teacher and the learner can see and edit the whiteboard, contributing to the class with comments and questions in real time.

Take a virtual tour to get a glimpse of how a Lukico Lesson could look like.

During a Live Lesson:

  • You can see your teacher, the teacher can see you (so make sure your microphone and camera are working)

  • You can ask questions, type comments, watch videos, edit the whiteboard

  • You have access to all your Virtual Classroom resources (shared by your teacher according to your Learning Plan)

  • You can upload your homework (videos, pictures, files, recordings)

When your Live Lesson ends:

You can still view your Virtual Classroom anytime

Some teachers will enable your editing rights outside your Live Sessions

You have access to all resources shared on our website

You can contact us should you need help, guidance or have any questions

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Good to know:

Lukico Virtual Classrooms are created by the teachers to facilitate each Learning Plan, thus they look different and have different functionalities acording to each learners' needs. Please mind that your Virtual Classroom will be one of a kind.

To ensure the best learning experience within the Lukico Virtual Classroom, we recommend to access it from a desktop, laptop or a tablet. Using smartphones might restrict your access to some of the digital features.